Top 4 Reasons Why Exercise Classes Benefit Seniors

An instructor leads a group exercise class for seniors.No matter our age, the benefits of exercise speak for themselves, ensuring improved fitness levels, as well as mental and physical health. As we get older, however, additional home care and exercise becomes much harder to manage. Guided exercise classes are a fantastic way around this and, for seniors, especially, they can be incredibly beneficial.  Whether working around a range of different health conditions or simply struggling to get into a fitness routine, exercise classes for seniors certainly stand to help in the following ways. 

1. Keeping fitness on the right track

Setting fitness goals is always important for keeping exercise efforts moving forward, and classes are the best way to set, and track, fitness goals that are within easy reach. For seniors, especially, being able to work towards overall goals can be a huge help for understanding current capabilities and realistic expectations off the back of those. 

2. Accountability

Holding ourselves accountable for exercise is difficult, and for seniors, especially, the aches and pains that can often come at the start of a fitness journey can make it difficult to continue. With classes, however, the support of a teacher and a group who are all in the same boat can make a huge difference – ensuring that participants work to find solutions, rather than throwing in the towel at the first sign of trouble.

3. Guaranteeing safety

Evidence suggests that seniors who participate in exercise programs typically fall less often than those who don’t. That said, these health benefits aren’t without risks, and poorly executed exercise can actually exacerbate conditions like back pain, hip problems, and the like. As such, solo exercise certainly isn’t risk-free when participants get past a certain age. By comparison, class efforts are carefully curated with senior limitations in mind, ensuring that, even in the case of specific health complaints, adequate and informed safety measures are taken at all times.

4. Social interactions

Studies have found that seniors are at a higher risk of isolation due to factors such as living alone and not being able to get out as easily. This is a problem given that, according to many experts, isolation can be as bad for health as smoking. Luckily, the group-based nature of exercise classes can drastically reduce the risks of this crippling problem. Typically, face-to-face classes can be a fantastic way to find friends in a neutral, fun setting. Even during Covid, Zoom classes have made it possible to keep seniors who would otherwise have been entirely cut off, both fit, and mentally well thanks to these interactions.

Take Care of Your Family Member Beyond Their Physical Needs

It’s plain to see that, for seniors especially, exercise classes are a fantastic way to get on top of, not only physical health but also mental wellbeing. The only issue is that, sometimes, accessing these classes can be a challenge. We recognize that here at National Home Care, which is why our team works hard to help our senior clients go about their daily activities, all-important exercise classes included. Contact us to find out more, and open your senior loved ones up to a healthier and happier, lifestyle today.

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